I'm Hans

I'm a Student
and An allround Web Developer

Let's find out some more about me

I'm Hans Van Nieuwenhuyse, and by now you already know I'm a student
  ... but that's not all I am!

    I'm also

  • A Board Member of JH De Jeppe
  • An Artist
  • A Party DJ
  • A Lifeguard
  • A Drummer
  • A Youth Animator
  • A Handyman
  • A Geek
  • Passionate about technology

I won't refuse challenges quickly, more precisely: I like to get challenged.

Over the years I have also gained a lot of skills in these area's:

Adobe Illustrator php html(5) css(3) Adobe Photoshop MS Office Java Adobe Flash CodeIgniter Laravel

Thomas More

⇒ That's the school I'm studying Interactive Multimedia Design at!

Some of my work

I haven't got an extensive portfolio (yet), but I am realizing it.
I can lift a corner of the veil by showing you some work I did during my student years.

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